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Trends in Deregulation and Other Factors

Commercial and Industrial Customers 202 - Trends in Deregulation and Other Factors

Course Description

This course has been used by utilities to acquaint customers with efforts to restructure the electric utility industry. State restructuring initiatives in other states are discussed and the key issues that arise in electric restructuring are explored. Experiences gained from restructuring efforts in other states are discussed and potential problems for customers are identified so that customers can avoid these problems. The course also explores the win-win opportunities that exist for customers to improve their power factor and load factor. Techniques for evaluating investments in power factor correction equipment and load factor improvement equipment are explained. The underlying logic for offering this course is that it is easier to deal with a well informed customer. Customers have likely read and heard about restructuring in other states and this course is designed to provide factual information to help customers distinguish fact from fiction. Additionally, identifying win-win opportunities to improve power factor and load factor provides utilities with additional tools that they can use in satisfying and retaining customers.

Learning Objectives

1. Overview of utility regulation

2. Electric industry restructuring

a. State initiatives

b. Federal initiatives

c. Key issues in retail choice

3. Wholesale price variability

4. The economics of power production

5. Calculating power factor charges

6. How to evaluate investments for improving power factor

7. Impact of load factor on delivered cost of electricity

8. How to evaluate investments for improving load factor


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