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2011 Electric Cooperative Rate Conference

A Debate on Decoupling - Gary Cripps, Delaware Electric Cooperative & Marty Blake, The Prime Group LLC

The Pressures Building on G&T Wholesale Energy Prices - Jim Lamb, Central Electric Power Cooperative

Acquiring Investor Owned Utility Service Territory = Instant Growth - Allen Ritchie, Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative

Developing Optional Time of Use and Demand Rates - Marty Blake

Smart Meters, In-Home Displays, Communications and Equipment that Facilitate Customer Usage Modification - Greg Fergason, Trilliant

Meter Data Management Systems: An Overview and Examples - John Alls, NISC

The Case for Economic Development Rates: Theory and Regulatory Considerations - John Wolfram

Economic Development: Strategy and Tactics - Dan Brackenmyre, Circle City Group

The Art of Turning Wholesale Rates into Retail Rates - Larry Feltner & Paul Garcia


FERC Predominance Method - Additional Discussion Topics

Abstract: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") Predominance Methodology is a standard methodology used to classify production operation and maintenance expenses as a either fixed (demand-related) or variable (energy-related) in electric cost of service studies. Under the FERC Predominance Methodology, production operation and maintenance accounts that are predominately fixed, i.e. expenses that the FERC has determined to be predominately incurred independently of kilowatt hour levels of output, are classified as demand-related. Production operation and maintenance accounts that are predominately variable, i.e., expenses that the FERC has determined to vary predominately with output (kWh), are considered to be energy related. The predominance methodology has been accepted in FERC proceedings for over 30 years and is a standard methodology for classifying production operation and maintenance expenses. For example, see Public Service Company of New Mexico, 10 FERC 63,020 (1980)

Slide Presentations

Trends in Wholesale and Retail Rate Designs

Electric Industry Overview - History, Structure & Regulation

The Evolution of Power Markets and How They Work

Demand and Time of Use Rates

Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clauses

Considerations in Designing Special Rates

Why Rates Don't Always Produce Expected Revenues and Margins

Recovering Fixed Costs and Margins for Distribution Cooperatives

Rates for Distributed Generation

AMR's Role in a Targeted Marketing Program

Hedging Natural Gas Supply With Financial Instruments

Wholesale Pricing for Electricity

What's in a Power Contract

Energy Contracts as Risk Management Instruments

Electric Generation Technologies


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