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Financial Modeling

Financial Models

Where a cost of service study examines and allocates historical costs, a good financial planning model is forward looking. It picks up where the cost of service leaves off and projects the financial condition of the utility for a 10 year planning horizon. The information contained in the financial planning model provides a good look at “where we are headed” financially over the next 10 years. This look forward is not wishful thinking but instead is a careful examination of a utility’s financial condition if current trends continue. Our financial model also identifies that tools a utility management has available for keeping the utility's earnings in line with expectations. The information provided by our financial planning model includes:

  • Demand and sales forecasts
  • Budget projections
  • Capital forecasts
  • Operation and maintenance expense forecasts
  • Financial projections
  • Purchase power forecasts
  • Rate change forecasts
  • Key financial indicators









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