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Innovative Ratemaking

Innovative Ratemaking

Course Description

This course will discuss the innovative pricing alternatives that are being used in various parts of the country. During this time of change in the utility industry it is important to provide customers with as many options and creative solutions to problems as possible. This course emphasizes creative pricing alternatives that have high probability of regulatory approval and that also provide customers with the options they are looking for. The course is designed as a half-day class and would include either one or two instructors.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide exposure to innovative pricing alternatives

  • Students will learn to determine which customers may be interested in the various rate alternatives

  • Provide an understanding of innovative pricing structures so that opportunities for marketing efforts can identified

1. Real-time Pricing

2. Targeted Pricing

3. Optional Rates

4. Conjunctive Service

5. Coincident Peak Billing

6. Unbundled Rates

7. Buy-back Rates

8. Indexed Pricing

9. Yield Management Techniques

10. Interruptible Services

11. Time of Use Services

12. Load Management

13. Economic Development Rates


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