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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Facilitation


To be successful in the current environment, a utility needs a common vision and focus. A common vision is empowering, as it provides employees with guidance on how to act in dealing with customers. A common vision also provides strong direction for meeting customer needs and helps to avoid the waste of resources. However, it is our observation that a common vision isn’t very common. Frequently, different people within an organization are focusing on different priorities and different problems.

One of the characteristics that makes effective management so challenging is that there are many different approaches to meeting customer needs. Unfortunately, when faced with these numerous possibilities for providing customers a reason to choose them, many organizations tend to lose focus. They find the multitude of choices paralyzing. The process of developing a strategic plan can help an organization to achieve the focus necessary for success in a challenging and ever-changing environment.

The Prime Group approaches the strategic planning process both to develop an effective strategic plan for the organization and to develop a common vision. Specifically, The Prime Group will facilitate strategic planning workshops for key management personnel and serve as a technical resource during strategic plan development. We have the broad industry experience to lay out a number of potential strategic directions and to devlop additional alternatives from workshop participants. We then facilitate a discussion of the alternatives to arrive at a consensus strategic direction for the utility. The final step is to develop a plan for effectively communicating the strategic direction to employees.













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